Owl’s Nest

The Owls Nest opened in October of 2009 as Phase I of the Park. The Owl’s Nest is devoted to student training/programming and is the hub for more than 330 intramural teams and 42 club teams. The facilities at the Owl’s Nest are reserved and managed for students through the Sports and Recreation Department.  This website will provide basic facility information, but if you have questions about how to get involved with Sports and Recreation club or intramural teams or wish to get information about booking the synthetic fields, please contact 470-578-3207.

KSU Intramural and Club Sports
3220 Busbee Drive
Kennesaw,GA 30144

Monday through Thursday: 9 AM – 11 PM
Friday: 9 AM – 9PM
Saturday: 11 AM – 7PM
Sunday: 11 AM – 9PM

Training facility includes weight room, multipurpose rooms, student meeting rooms and offices for sports and recreation department.

1 club field that is lined for lacrosse.

1 Intramural Field, 100 yards long by 40 yards wide, lined for Flag Football (white) and Soccer (black)

Indoor facility is the access control for the field – KSU ID is required to access fields

Guests can be signed in for Intramural events only, guests are not allowed to participate.

Guest can be brought in with you, or left on list if arriving after you.

Field will be available for open use when not being used for Intramurals – KSU Students only.

The Owl’s Nest is an extension of KSU Campus – all standard KSU policies apply.

72 spaces are available on site as well as guests are permitted to park at CCT lot across the street

University Bus Shuttle (BOB) makes daily stops/trips to both the Owl’s Nest and Perch. Please no parking in neighboring hotel or any other lot. You must park in a designated spot on site.

Please note that KSU is not responsible for loss of valuables from facility or left in vehicles.

Intramural Field is open for general student use whenever there are no Intramural Activities scheduled

Plastic or rubber cleats are allowed, along with all other athletic footwear

No food or gum allowed on field

Water, sports drinks, and soda are allowed in sealed containers only

No fast food cups, solo cups, etc

Service animals (i.e. guide dogs) are the only pets allowed

No Tobacco Use (including smokeless) on field or grounds

This includes the sidewalks, parking lot and area surrounding

No spitting on artificial surface for sanitary concerns

All spectators must stay on building side of field and off of the artificial turf

Only checked in players and officials are allowed on bench side of field

A minimum of 6 active users are required to turn on the lights

The users do not have to be in the same group, there just needs to be at least 6 users total actively using the field

The lights will be set on a 2 hour timer, if the number of users drops below 6, the remaining participants can use the field until the lights turn off

If more than 6 players remain on the field after 2 hours have passed, the timer can be reset for another 2 hours